Alicia Silverstone Thinks She’s A Bird

A few days ago, I stumbled on a website that claimed that Alicia Silverstone regurgitates the food in her son’s mouth. You can read that sentence again all you want,you read it right the first time.

But, since I haven’t seen that site before, I simply figured they were like The Sun, that when there’s nothing to report they just come up with preposterous bullshit. So I decided not to write about it, because this blog is about serious journalism, right?

In any case, now Radar Online confirms this story:

Alicia Silverstone makes no apologies for the video in which she chewed up food and fed her 11-month-old son Bear Blu mouth-to-mouth.

Because naming your son Bear Blu isn’t denigrant enough, you also have to spit chewed food in his mouth and film it. But she continues!

 “People have been feeding their kids that way for thousands for years. It’s a weaning process. It’s just a thing that has been going on for thousands of years and I didn’t think I was inventing anything…”

I don’t know what kind of people hang around with this bitch, or what type of  books she grabbed, because I’m pretty sure people don’t do that. As far as I know people breast feed, then give the baby pureed food USING A FUCKING SPOON.

So my conclusion is that she bellieves to be a giant mutant bird. I can’t wait for next week, when she’ll say “I don’t regret throwing my baby from a tree, pigeons need to learn how to fly!” And then she’ll start flapping her arms and running around. But don’t fret, it’s Hollywood, so everyone will think it’s fucking normal.

Here’s a picture of her and her mom, which for some reason makes me think maybe I’m judging too much.


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