Anne Hathaway Is A Little Boy Now

I always hated women with short hair, they need to have a very special type of face to pull it off, and Anne Hathaway doesn’t have it. The weirdest part is that she comes from playing Catwoman in the next Batman film, and the Catwoman in the comics does have short hair, and she’s super hot.

Fuck. That made me look like a complete geek, didn’t it?. I swear, I don’t read comics, someone just told me. Yeah! That’s it. Phew! That nerdy looking guy who just happened to pass by gave me this info.

In any case, it seems like a big deal, because she can’t stop rubbing her head. I can understand the feeling, it happened to me, once. Except that in my case I shaved my balls. And it itched. And for some reason if you’re scratching your junk near a highschool people will call the police.

But enough about me, the point here is that she looks awful. I bet Batman would say “Screw you Selina, I’d go fuck Talia and have a kid with her, you suck!”

Wait. How did I know that? Geez! Shut the fuck up you random nerd who walks by and tells me shit I don’t care about!



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