Emily Atack In FHM Magazine

To be honest, I had to google her and read the article. Apparently, she’s some british actress who did a couple of things, and then she was in ‘Dancing on Ice’ but didn’t win or get that far, so I don’t know why that’s on her resume.

The point is that she could be the hot sister of Kate Upton. So who cares about her career as long as she keeps making these photoshoots. She’s also a bit of a bitch with a huge ego. She tells FHM

don’t go giving her the ‘big I am’ as Emily has told FHM: “They’re arseholes. The classic line me and my friends wait for is “Apparently you’re in some show but I’ve never seen it so I’ve no f***ing clue who you are”. You know they watch it every night. It really annoys me.”

Well, then I know what my pickup line would be: “Oh, you are that cunt who thinks everyone watches every night! Take off your clothes or you’re not worth it”

Yeah, I’m charming like that, ladies. Call me any time. Anyways, here’s the important stuff:


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