The Truth Behind The Hacked Pictures

I was pondering whether to touch this subject or not, because it involves me personally. Basically, during the weekend news broke that both Olivia Munn and Christina Hendricks’ cellphones were hacked and naked pictures appeared.


This was proven to be a lie, there was no nudity. And here’s why:


Last week was my birthday, and both chicks figured the way to celebrate it was to have a threesome.The problem was that Gina also decided to surprise me as well. So while I was trying to choose between huge or perky tits first, I got punched and left in the hospital by an angry girlfriend. Then she leaked the pictures.

I couldn’t make this shit up. Here’s the one picture that wasn’t leaked because she didn’t want people to know that I could’ve cheated on her. (I’m really sorry G, you know I love you and I wouldn’t have gone with it *puppy face*)


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