Chris Brown Week Recap

Basically, Chris Brown used to date Rihanna. Then they broke up because he thought it was very manly to smash her face against a car window. And that’s the end of the story.

No, wait. It isn’t.

First, he joked about it in order to get a chick’s phone number, and then, it turned out he recorded a crappy song with Rihanna. Wait, what?

Oh, yeah. Some chicks are fucking stupid and forgive anything. Especially if it’s to make a song that every moron will love, including Perez Hilton, who didn’t stop tweeting about it for about half an hour.

Love conquers all, this is the best song of all time and bullshit like that. Go fuck yourself, Perez. Although the last time Perez went so crazy about a song, he ended up being punched by Will I Am from the Black Eyed Peas, which meant he ended up making this video.

Anyways, Not everyone is as retarded as Perez Hilton or Rihanna, and a few pretty much called Brown out. First it was Miranda Lambert, who raised a sign stating “Take Notes Chris Brown” during a concert. Only to sing a song about a woman who  fantasizes about killing her abusive husband. I’d say that’s a win.

Not enough? Good. Because it gets better:

WWE Champ CM Punk tweeted something about it, Chris Brown replied trying to sound “gangsta” and now he’s fucked, because CM Punk will very calmly beat the shit out of him if he dares to jump in the ring. I don’t like WWE to be honest, but I wouldn’t mess with CM Punk. Here’s the video where he gently explains how he’ll leave Brown in the hospital if the asshole accepts to have a clean fight. Double win.


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