The Spice Girls Are Returning (Maybe)

This is just  a rumor started on E Online because one the five chicks said something in Twitter. Obviously, that E makes everything over the top. But it could be true, because this continues:

The Answer Bitch got a very valid question: Who the fuck would pay to see them? But they need to keep fueling the rumor, so here are some of her answers (full pile of bull here)

First of all, the amount of cash the Spice Girls made on their first tour is not a bad indicator of possible future demand. After all, the girls already had one reunion tour in 2007 and 2008, and it grossed reported $70 million.

And they sold 75 million of their first album alone. Then I think they launched a few more and made a movie. And I’m not even counting the shows. Amazing how this chicks are still the same success!

(note: I’ll let you pick whether I know those numbers because I just checked, or if I’m the president of the fans club)

“All the people that bought tickets and albums the first time around are still out there,” says Ray Waddell,(It’s not like this would be a Glenn Miller reunion tour, after all; the teens who once loved the Spice Girls circa 1997 are now pushing 30, not 80.)”

Brilliant logic. The 12 to 15 public from 97, who went either because they were horny or because they wanted to be like them would still go.  I’ll just assume it’s more like: They are out of college, working, getting married and having children. Not watching a bunch of washed up biches.


Unless they change the name to “Spice MILFS” In which case I might go too.


The question is more about how hot they are. And they are not THAT hot anymore. But don’t fret, fellow fans! There’s always a solution in the dark arts of Joan Rivers and his lover, Satan! So they will be just as hot. Proof included:



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