George Clooney Hates Cell Phones

I don’t t think I’ve ever talked about George Clooney before. He makes decent movies, he’s always nice and friendly to the person interviewing him, and he keeps his priave life, private.

But then I stumbled on this interview at NPR, and I thought I could finally say bad things abou him. He says:

“I’ll ride my motorcycle into the Swiss Alps to the top of a mountain to a tiny little bistro that we accidentally find, and by the time I’ve had coffee and a croissant, there’s 40 people outside because of cell cameras.”

I was about to make a joke about celebrities being a bunch of cunts, who want the fame but keep whining about people staring at them, but this continued:

For him, the presence of cameras in the hands of every observer doesn’t just mean too much attention and too much recording; it means the loss of the ability to experience things directly.

“I’ve walked with very famous people down red carpets over to the crowd of thousands of people,” he says, “and you’ll reach out to shake their hand and they’ve got a camera in their hand. And they don’t even get their hand out, because they’re recording the whole time. And you can tell people that you recorded Brad Pitt, but it would be very hard for you to say you actually met him

Damn you, Clooney! Why the fuck do you have to be so nice? But there’s a flaw there. I know that Sam Rockwell does the whole “meet and greet” experience. But he’s Sam Rockwell. In a crowd of forty people, maybe three will know who he is. And two of those three will look away, thinking he’s some sort of weirdo. The other guy will come back home saying “Dude! I met Sam Rockwell, we had a cup of coffee together, he’s really nice!”

But Brad Pitt? He’d have to stop and have coffee with 40 people. By the time he’s done, his dealer would be out of the good stuff. And we don’t want Brad smoking the chap weed, so lets leave this issue alone.


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