Site Resurrection and Midnight Links — With Ian McKellen Playing a Corgi

While I sort things out with the douchebag who stole my domain ( Exclusive trips to Turkey for famous people, really?) I decided to settle down in here for now.  Being a part of Dirty Paws means that I don’t need to be all fancy.

Links after Corgi McKellen



Reese Witherspoon made a Justin Bieber joke and it was good but easy. I’d laugh, but I still think she’s a cunt. (Just Jared)

Demi Moore got high, went to the hospital because she went too far, and then  tried to fuck Zac Efron but failed. Zac could write a book about shit like this happening to him on a daily basis (US Weekly)

Joan Rivers also got high, but didn’t try to fuck anyone. She only has eyes for Satan during her weekly coven. (Huffspot TV)

Kelly Osbourne is dating some dude that cooks for her. I could make a fat joke right here, but who gives a fuck about this bitch. (Starpulse)

Snooki is pregnant. Or not. I don’t know. I didn’t read the whole thing. (Hollywoodlife)

Daniel Radcliffe likes them bushy. Smart guy, except for the part where he didn’t say “shaving is for pussies” which would’ve been funny. (US Weekly)

Channing Tatum is funny with fake penises. Michael Fassbender makes fun of penises with his real one. My new girlfriend Gina Carano beats the shit out of both of them in the movie Haywire. But the news is still Tatum’s shennanigans (People)

Celebrity Turkey is back, so you can stop sending me e-mails about it. Annoying pricks.


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